Why I Love Skiplagged

 Why I Love Skiplagged

If you saw our recent article How To Find Cheap Flights you would’ve saw me mention how much I’m a fan of Skiplagged. Here’s how to get the most out of the site

You’ve got some time off work coming up and have no idea where you want to go but know you want to fly from London and be away for 5 nights. If only there was a way to check all the flight options at once to see which was the cheapest…..

Enter Skiplagged.

This is the ultimate flight search engine. Not only do they search the same flights that other search engines look at, but they let you know if having an extra long layover could help you save money. For our flight from Cancun to Vegas the airline wanted over $300 each. After looking at Skiplagged I found a flight with an overnight in Phoenix for $130 each! As we’re flexible with our travel we ended up using the money saved to add a few days in Phoenix to our itinerary. I would never have had the time to search airline websites to find this saving!

As an ex-travel agent Skiplagged is about as close to using a GDS as I can get. I can search for the cheapest possible flights for the dates I want and easily amend the dates to check for cheaper fares. It’s simple to navigate and once you use it you’ll never know how you lived without it!

Now I know everyone has their own favourites; Google Flights, Skyscanner, Expedia, Kayak etc. You use whatever you feel works best for you. And what works best for me is Skiplagged. Not many people are aware of Skiplagged so really this article is about awareness and widening your options when it comes to flight search engines. I think it’s a great resource and really simple to use.

1- Log onto Skiplagged.



2- If you’re unsure where you want to travel to or just fancy browsing some options then fill in the ‘FROM’ box and select your date of travel. Next click SEARCH:


2016-05-26 (1)


3- As you can see, Skiplagged has given us a list of destinations. I think based on prices we’ll go for the cheapest destination and select Florida. Next page is where the magic really happens. Here you have a list of all possible flights in price order. It gives me options for direct flights, indirect flights, and those which have an overnight stopover:

2016-05-26 (2)


Now Skiplagged do offer Hidden City Fares. Personally, I would advise against using these unless you are booked on a one way fare with no baggage, and even then there is risk involved.

What is a Hidden City Fare? It’s when an airline offers a cheaper fare from A-B-C than from A-B:

From Cancun – Phoenix I can get a fare of $250
From Cancun – Phoenix – Los Angeles I can get a fare of $160.

I only want to travel to Phoenix so what I do is buy the cheaper fight to Los Angeles but when the plane lands in Phoenix I get off and don’t catch my connection.

As I said above I strongly advise against this as airlines could blacklist you from flying with them again if they see you constantly buying tickets and no-showing for the connecting flights on a regular basis
On Skiplagged, a Hidden City Flight looks like this:

2016-05-26 (3)

Skiplagged has customisable options on the right side of the screen where you can uncheck Hidden City Fares which means you can avoid this hassle.

2016-05-26 (5)



4- So you’ve had a look at Florida prices and it turns out, you don’t actually want to visit there, you actually know where you want to go and that’s Los Angeles. BUT, you are still on a budget so want to make sure the flights you pick are the cheapest available. This is where the date search comes into play. Fill in the FROM and TO boxes. When you click on the DATE box it will pop up with prices under each date  so you can check when the cheapest dates to travel are. Pretty clever huh?


2016-05-26 (4)


5-  Once you have selected your date its time to find the best fare. On the example below I have de-selected the Hidden City fare box so I don’t have to search through those. My cheapest fare is $165 via Mexico City:

2016-05-26 (9)


Seems a bit long, Perhaps I should check the cheapest direct flights:


2016-05-26 (6)


And there we go, for a dollar more I can take a direct flight. Brilliant!

If you hover over the flight you will also see a squiggly line. If you hover over this you can see how the price of the flight has changed over the past few weeks


2016-05-26 (6)


6- Next option is to book your flight. Simply click book now and you will come to this screen:


2016-05-26 (7)


The first option is a sponsored link where the price is different so just ignore this (they have to make money somehow!), The second part of the page is what you need:


2016-05-26 (8)


Simple copy and paste this link into your browser and you’ll be brought to the airlines booking page.


Hopefully this guide will turn you into a Skiplagged expert. Before you know it you’ll be reaping the benefits from all those flight savings!

Have you used Skiplagged before and made some savings? Let me know in the comments below!


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**Disclaimer: I am by no means affiliated with Skiplagged and all thoughts in this post are my own opinion. I just really like the website for saving money on flights!**

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6 Replies to “Why I Love Skiplagged”

  1. For international flights and complex trips check out also travel hackers at http://flystein.com

  2. I started using Skiplagged recently and saved $150 from NYC – CLE by using the hidden city option. As I’m flying a different airlines for the return flight (also hidden-city) I assume a single flight missed won’t raise any flags.

    I LOVE this site!

    1. It’s great huh? If you’re flying different airlines it should be fine. I just love how much money it can save everyone!

  3. I am confused as to why I keep reading about people saying to select One way. Do I select one way and book the flight and then turn around the do another search to book my return? Why not do roundtrip?

    1. Exactly. So if you were travelling say London to Berlin and back you would first book London to Berlin then book another ticket Berlin to London. It’s not always cheaper but worth checking!

      1. Excellent! Thanks so much, I am going to give it a shot!

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