What Travel Gear Do We Use?

Quite possibly one of the most important decisions you will make for you trip. But what Travel Gear do Craving Sunshine recommend?

Packing lists. Do a quick Google search and you will be met with thousands of different options. I spent hour after hour reading as many articles as my brain could process before we left on our great adventure. In the end, I picked out what i thought would suit us best. At then end of the day only YOU know what you would find useful. There’s no point buying something like a pair of hiking boots if you plan to spend your time touring the beaches of the world!
What the below is essentially a list of items that we use and that we find useful. There really are no right or wrong answers. As long as you’ve got your passport, tickets and cash you can always buy clean pants when you get there!

Gadgets & Photography

Lenovo Laptop & Case
This is possible the best laptops we’ve ever had! They are lightweight compared to any other we’ve had, the screen is small enough to travel with but big enough to work on without squinting. And best of all the screen can rotate 360’ and be used in tablet mode which is great for watching movies.

iPhone 6
This is my phone of choice. I’m a slave to Apples iPhones. Kris HATES iPhones. I will never change. They really are just too convenient! The camera is brilliant. In fact its the only camera I use! They are just really simple to use and big enough for working through emails and social media.

Nikon D3200 & Camera bag
I bought this for Kris’s 30th and it’s a great start out DLSR for a great price! The camera bag is an ideal size for when we’re out and about and holds his camera plus 2 lenses

Garmin Virb Elite
We bought this as a stand in until the new Go Pro came out. Turns out we really like the Garmin and have since stuck with it! A great robust device! We have a dive housing for it so it can be used deeper under water.

Selfie Stick
Surprisingly we don’t use it for selfies! The main purpose is for when we are snorkelling so we can get into all the wee corners and caves to see which fishies are swimming around.

Compact Tripod
This is a great investment. There are lighter tripods available but you’re looking at over £100! This tripod does exactly what it says on the tin and suits us to a T!


This is my go to for editing photographs on my iPhone. It ticks all the boxes for what I need!

I use this for uploading and storing pictures. You’ll find some of the blog photos are linked through Flickr to save on loading times.

A fantastic app for transferring anything between laptops and smartphones. We both use it constantly to share between each others laptops, especially for pictures. And it’s free!

Duo Lingo
Staying somewhere for a few days and looking to learn the basics? Duo Lingo is a free app that has a fun way of teaching new languages. I leant Spanish at school many moons ago and I was rusty to say the least! After using Duo Lingo for a couple of weeks it brought my confidence back up and I’m able to speak important phrases such as ‘Tacos with no cilantro please’.

Google Translate
If all else fails, Google translate can help you in pretty much any country. Again, a free app that works wonders! Apparently you can download language packs to use offline but I haven’t used this feature yet.


Foreign Currency
The best advice I can give is to never exchange your money at the airport. They always have the worst exchange rates. UNLESS you prebook online. In which case you can end up with a pretty good rate.

This app is life changing! Never have I used such a great product for foreign currency. You apply through the app with all your details and they send you a MasterCard chip & pin card in the post free of charge. To top up you can either use your debit card which is instant or you can also do a bank transfer. When you use the card it automatically gives you the best possible rate available with no hidden bank charges. I know my bank in the UK charges me the best part of £5 if I use my debit card overseas! You can use your card to spend in stores as much as you like. They have a limit of £500 per month on cash withdrawals. After that they will charge 2% fee which is still cheaper than my bank back home!

Halifax Clarity Credit Card
Hotels always ask for credit cards. Emergencies happen. You are always better to travel with one than without one. Credit cards always charge you an arm and a leg for using them overseas. Not this one! Halifax clarity have zero overseas fees and the exchange rates are great. Just remember to pay it off in full every month or you’ll have some nasty interest charges!

XE Currency
I use this app to check exchange rates in the countries I am visiting. It’s simple to use and I can check multiple currencies at the same time.

Travel Gear

Osprey Sojourn Convertible 80L
Yes, theses are huge and I know your are all totally judging us right now BUT we have no idea where we are going to end up or when. We also carry our own snorkel gear and flippers which unfortunately take up a lot of room. I would love to travel lighter but I just cant see it ever happening! These cases do have backpack straps in case you need to carry it anywhere…being honest….we removed the straps before we left the UK so I could stash an extra pair of flip flops in the space!

Osprey Questa & Osprey Quasar
These are our hand luggage/day packs. I love the colour of the girls pack and it’s surprisingly comfortable! I love how many organisational pockets they have. Plenty space for my laptop, iPad & obligatory colouring book with a selection of pens and pencils.

Animal cross body bag
For those days when you need a handbag. Its fabric so fold up to nothing. Its casual enough for daytime and smart enough for being more dressed up. Even better the strap is also material so no sweaty bag strap!

Pacsafe Portable Safe
I was on the fence about buying this but now we’re on the road it’s the best thing i bought! Since we are in an AirB&B there is no safe. This baby can be locked onto anything sturdy and gives me a piece of mind that our valuables are safe.

Cressi Flippers
Yes, I have pink flippers. I know they take up a lot of space but I really do hate how bad quality the fins are when you rent them locally. Nine times out of ten they are warped and beached from the sun and I can never find a pair that fits snuggly! These Cressi fins are elasticated at the back so they don’t slip off like those nasty plastic ones do.

Cressi snorkel set
And I obviously need the matching snorkel set! Again, a great product. The mask fits like a glove and the snorkel itself is fantastic!

Dry bags
If there’s one product I recommend it’s these! We use them for everything from laundry basket to packing clothes that have been worn to putting our damp equipment into to. We even have this one which has a strap so we can swim with our valuables if we have to!

Travel washing Line
Some will disagree but I don’t know how I’d live without mine! Even for just hanging up wet swimwear, its a god send!

Belkin Extension Lead
We’ve all been there. You arrive to your hotel and you can only find one outlet. Or you only have one travel adaptor with you. This extension lead can hold 4 plugs and 2 usb devices. As all our equipment is the UK plugs it means we just keep one adaptor onto the extension and power up!

Chilly Pad
Without a doubt i don’t think i would’ve survived adapting to the heat without this piece of flimsy material! You wet the cloth, wring it out and then place in onto your skin. As the water in the cloth evaporates it cools you down. I was sceptical so bought a cheap version of a brand one….I wish i bought more than 1! They are life changing! Even if you’re not travelling its great for around the house if someone has a temperature. I even give it to Kris when he has a migraine to help sooth. For how cheap they are you can’t go wrong!

My squishy pillow!
I shall can him squishy and he shall forever be mine! I’ve had this travel pillow for years. I know it’s not the most compact but it sure is the squishiest softest pillow ever!

Do you have a particular item that you just can’t travel without? Let us know in the comments below.

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**Disclaimer: This post contain affiliate links which if you decide to purchase from we will earn a small commission at no extra cost to yourself. These pennies help keep the adventure going**

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