Welcome to our journey!

Welcome to Craving Sunshine! We are Lauren and Kris. Two people whose love for travel brought them together many moons ago who have finally decided to give up the cold, wet, miserable weather in the UK to follow the sunshine around the world!

Our biggest passion has always been travel. We met each other whilst working in the travel industry and combined we have over 20 years experience in various sectors within travel and tourism.

What made us decide to give it all up to become digital nomads? Well, I for one certainly know I’d much rather be out in the world living my life and having adventures than sat at a desk 9-5 every weekday wishing I was somewhere else. There has to be more to life than this!
We were also at a crossroads in our lives where we had to make a decision…take the money we’d saved up and put a deposit down on a mediocre house and be stuck in this country for the foreseeable future OR take a leap of faith. give everything up and travel around the world with all our worldly possessions in nothing more than a couple of backpacks.

Seems like a no brainer to me…


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