Things To Do June 2015

As promised, here is the first list of what we still have to do before we jet off. At the moment we are only planning our trip as far as New Zealand since we plan to spend a whole year there. If anyone has any recommendations for any of the above let us know.

– UK Domestic Flights (6 months before departure as low-cost carrier)
– London Gatwick to Los Angeles flight BOOKED!
– Los Angeles to Cancun return
– Las Vegas to Oahu
– Oahu to Fiji (Nadi)
– Fiji to Auckland

– 3 nights in Anaheim
– 3-4 nights in San Diego
– 1 Night LAX (before flying to Cancun)
– Rental property for Playa Del Carmen/Tulum
– 5-6 nights in Las Vegas
– 3-4 nights in Hawaii
– 14-28 days in Fiji
– First 7-10 nights in New Zealand

Other Trip Essentials
– Transport from LAX to Anaheim
– Transport from Anaheim to San Diego
– Transport San Diego to LAX
– LAX to Las Vegas
–  Park tickets for Disney, San Diego Zoo & Seaworld
– Wedding in Vegas (Pretty essential!)
– Transport whilst in New Zealand (car or camper van?)

Items to buy:
– x 2 Back packs (wheeled of course…i don’t plan to slum it as much as that!)
– New smaller laptop (can’t keep you all up to date on the road without one)
– Extension cable (With all our tech we will definitely need more than plug)
–  Additional external hard drive
– Suitable clothing
– Get first aid kit together

Financial And Practical
– Give my beloved Pablo The Polo back to the garage 🙁
– Traipse through all our belongings and sort into take with us, keep, sell, charity shop and bin
– Arrange travel insurance (especially important for Kris since he has quite a few ailments)
– Look for international sim cards
– Set up new bank account/ credit card with zero fees for using abroad
– Set up Skype and patiently try to show our parents how to use it!
– Cancel our mobile phone contracts
– Cancel Lauren’s contact lens and bulk buy an alternative
– Check we’re both up to date with all our vaccinations
– Get bulk prescriptions for our medications
– Quit our jobs!
– Get our mobile phones unlocked and buy a cheapy one online to take to places you don’t want to flash a brand new iPhone around

The Important Stuff
– Get Kris’s passport renewed
– Apply for New Zealand work visas
– Apply for US ESTA’s online
– Double check all visa requirements for all other countries we’re visiting
– Talk with Wedding Chapel and arrange any paperwork required
– Scan copies and store all documents securely. (Can anyone recommend the best ‘cloud’ type storage?)
– Get a stock of passport photos for visas on the road

And last but not least…
– Arrange a leaving party/ ‘pre-ception’ before we leave.

Is that is? Can anyone think of anything else we may have missed? I’m sure as the months go by we will start to tick off some of the above….but no doubt will also end up adding even more as they pop into our heads!

Will we ever be 100% organised?!


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