Las Vegas For First Timers

Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas! But where on Earth do you being planning a trip to the most iconic neon strip in the World? Check out our Fabulous infograph below for our top Las Vegas Tips for first timers.


Info-graph of data for first timers visiting Las Vegas
Las Vegas For First Timers Info-graph

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21 Replies to “Las Vegas For First Timers”

  1. What an interesting format for a blog. We’ve kinda gone the other way, and made ours very wordy. We’ve been to Vegas loads of times, and it’s all good advice, my wife agrees with “ditch your heels” in particular. Our no.1 tip for Vegas is always go to Absinthe (show at Caesar’s Palace), it’s awesome.
    Martin Bower recently posted…The Great American Road Trip – Part 3 – Louisiana and Florida – Mandeville, Destin, Seaside, Crystal River, Orlando, St Pete Beach, Key West and MiamiMy Profile

    1. I thought I would try out something new & see what the feedback was. I like to write longer blog posts but not everyone has the time to read them.
      I’ve never been to see Absinthe…I’ll have to check it out next time I’m there!

  2. Awesome infographic! When I went to Vegas, I loved the food at Caesar’s Palace! And it’s seriously crazy how long the blocks are between casinos. It’s so deceiving!

    1. It really is! We attempted to walk from The Mirage to Mandalay Bay during the middle of the day…BIG mistake!

  3. This short post contains one very valuable tip: don’t pay for drinks in a casino. The best way to score alcohol in Vegas is to blunder into a casino, appear to park it in front of a machine (slot) or a table, and then wait for the inevitable wait-staff to appear and offer you a drink, which yes shall be free. Tip her/him a dollar or so, and you’re set until the next casino.

    1. That is for sure the best tip!

  4. This is really good information in here! Will be pinning this for my next US trip fo sho 🙂
    Castaway with Crystal recently posted…Budget Guide: Isla Mujeres, MexicoMy Profile

    1. Happy to help 🙂

  5. I didn’t know that you could stay at the Luxor for as little as 55USD!
    Viki recently posted…Diagnosis: Credit Card hacked – or why I own 2 Credit CardsMy Profile

    1. You sure can! I have actually saw it cheaper when has discounts on it!

  6. Wow these are super useful summaries. I agree on the distance between the casinos. We were there in winter and it was freezing trying to get from one to the other.
    Skye Gilkeson recently posted…The Sumba Warrior Collection: Yoga Pants with PurposeMy Profile

    1. I just can’t imagine Vegas being cold! I’ve always visited in summer when its pushing 40’C!

  7. While I am not a huge fan of Las Vegas, this will be a helpful guide to anyone who wants to visit, especially for those who have never been. For me it’s always the drive out back into the desert from Vegas that I enjoy the most! 😀
    Karla at GlobalETA recently posted…Sleep Under the Stars at Namib Dune Star CampMy Profile

    1. I know a few people that aren’t fans of Vegas but personally i cant get enough of it 🙂

  8. Cool infographic! I wish I had this when I visited Las Vegas. My favorite hotel will always be Caesar’s Palace! 🙂

    1. Caesar’s is such a great hotel. I think i might stay there next time i visit.

  9. Love the uniqueness of this layout! Super informative and easy to read! Loved this!

  10. Love the uniqueness of this layout! Super informative and easy to read! Loved this!

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  11. What an awesome info graphic! I love that you made the post so visual and easy to comprehend. Also, totally agree with your suggestion to bring water everywhere! That was one mistake I learned the hard way!
    Lynne Sarao recently posted…17 photos that will make you fall in love with Croatia!My Profile

    1. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

      Yup…dehydration sets in quick in that desert heat!

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