It’s A Sad, Sad World…

Whilst reading the travel section of an on-line newspaper yesterday I came across an article that made me feel, well…really sad!

‘UK Adults Have Only Visited 5% Of The Worlds Countries’

It went on to explain that 95 countries in this glorious world have only been visited by 1% of UK adults. ONE.


Now being honest, this didn’t come as a huge shock. When I worked in retail pretty much 90% of people were either booking for Spain or Turkey. (It didn’t help those were the only direct charters from Aberdeen!) Now don’t get me wrong, these countries are beautiful, but there are so many more places in this world to discover! I understand some people aren’t so keen on long haul flights but even exploring some more of Europe would be an achievement!
it always made my heart sink when people came into the shop saying they would go anywhere and the minute I suggested destinations further afield they would automatically shun them with stereotypical views before even looking into them fully! Even more commercial destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico would be shunned!

Now I’m not saying these people who stick to what they know are terrible people. in fact, when I got told I was spending my first repping season in Turkey i cried! The only view I had was that I was blonde and was bound to get hit on by sleazy locals or bartered for camels. How wrong was I?! In fact, some of the locals I’m still friends with to this day and as for being traded for a camel…I don’t think I even saw a camel where I lived!

So my advice here….next time you’re booking your summer holiday and the polite travel agents offers somewhere a bit more exotic to the norm, at least consider it! You never might end up finding your paradise…

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