How To Be A Holiday Rep Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of How To Become A Holiday Rep. In this post we will cover all the information you need to survive those first few weeks in resort.

Upon arrival at your destination, amongst the heady air and chaos you will find the local head rep or gateway manager waiting for you to transfer into resort. Normally you will be taken straight to your new home. As a Holiday Rep this can be a number of options: You could be living in a hotel room in one of your properties, you could end up in an apartment sharing a room with someone else (they do try to avoid room shares but it is a possibility in high season) or you could be in a big apartment/villa with your fellow work mates. It really does depend on your destination. In Turkey I was ridiculously lucky and always lived in beautiful 4-5 bedroom villas with my work mates. Another rep in the main resort was living in a room in the hotel she looked after. For her, she loved this as it meant she could go for drinks after hours with her guests and really build up relationships with them. For me….I like to close off at the end of the day and not have to worry about a guest knocking at my door at 4am!


The next morning you will be taken to your resort office to meet your teams and start your two weeks of in resort training. You’ll get to grips with liquidating your money, filling in paperwork and who your contacts are for what you’ll need. The first week will almost feel like a bit of a holiday! You’ll spend your days on excursions and getting to know the local area. We did everything from boat trips to Jeep safaris to wine tasting at 9am to visiting ancient ruins!


The second half of training you will normally spend time shadowing another Holiday Rep whilst they are on their duties so you can explore the hotels you will be taking care of and get a first hand look of what’s to come. Use this time to really explore your hotels and listen to anything your colleagues tell you. They are an invaluable wealth of knowledge!

After the two weeks of training are over….its show time! You will normally start off with your first airport transfer followed by a day full of welcome meetings. The first one is always the most intimidating, but just remember, these people are on holiday. They aren’t out to get you, they are there to relax and have a good time!

My top tips for being a Holiday Rep are as follows:

– Make sure you find out your luggage allowance. I had 40K but I know some other companies offer 30K. If you are flying straight from training to resort then you need to make sure you keep space for your uniform as this will be handed out during training and you will have to carry it your final destination.

– Remember that 85% of the time you will be in uniform so don’t over pack. I am the worst person in the world for packing light but you really wont wear those 4 pairs of heels you brought with you!

– Take photos of friends and family with you as a reminder of home. Throughout the season my wardrobe doors gained more and more pictures. What started off as just my friends from back home ended up being a collage of all the adventurous I’d had in resort too.

– There isn’t a lot of things that you wont be able to pick up once in resort. If there is something you desperately need then its a good excuse for friends and family to come visit and bring along some goodies! Every time someone in the team had family out to visit they gave a big shopping list of things the team wanted brought over from home. In Turkey, I think the list I had was Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps, Galaxy Chocolate and of course, good ol’ Irn Bru! It’s the little things that are comforting after a long day!

– You will have bad days. You’ll have a day where every flight is delayed and customers are screaming their heads off at you because they forgot to load their bags onto the bus and yes, you will feel crap. But at the end of it all, tomorrow’s a brand new day with brand new guests and the sun is shining!

– On your day off you’ll feel like you have to get out and see/do everything! This is great, but make sure you take a day every few weeks just to relax and recharge! In my eyes, a day lying on the beach is never a waste!


In these posts I have just covered the basic information. If there is anything you guys would like to see explained in more detail or even any questions then please feel free to drop me a message on Lauren(at)cravingsunshine(dot)com and I’d be more than happy to offer any help!

How To Be A Holiday Rep Part 2

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