5 Facts About Us

Because who doesn’t want to be nosey and see what we’re all about…Enjoy!


Lauren, 26, Aberdeen:


1.  Lauren’s favourite animals are sea turtles, sloths and giraffes.

2. The country which took her breath away was the Maldives. It really is a piece of heaven!

3. She would rather be 4 hours early than a minute late for everything (Which does drive Kris nuts…especially when they end up stuck in an airport an hour before check in opens!)

4. Her perfect day would be waking up to a nice cup of tea followed by snorkelling on a beautiful reef, an afternoon relaxing with a good book on the beach or an afternoon in a spa. Dinner would have to be something Mexican followed by obligatory cocktails and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.

5. She’s a pretty big Superhero geek!

Kris, 31, Manchester:


1. Kris’s favourite animals are dinosaurs, sharks and pretty much anything under the sea.

2. His favourite place on Earth is the Red Sea. The pictures just don’t do it justice!

3. Top of his bucket list is to cage dive with Great Whites.

4. His perfect days would be waking up to spend the day at sea fishing for game fish such as Marlin and Sailfish.

5. As he is from Manchester we can’t write these facts without mentioning  Manchester United!

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