Bloggers of Britain

When I first started looking into this adventure I came across so many different travel blogs, from solo females to couples to adventurers. They fascinated and inspired me. There was only one problem…none of them were from the UK! To me, if they had all been from the UK I wouldn’t have had a second […]

Image Of The Week

Ladies and Gentleman, it is finally time for the return of our Image Of The Week Series! This week we are sharing a photograph from ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ Disneyland. This beautiful image is the Matterhorn in all its glory. Fun Fact: The Matterhorn is actually not as tall as it first looks. The […]

We Are Off!

Today was finally the day that we set off on our great big adventure. After 5 days trying to pack our lives into a couple of cases this was it. There was no turning back…We Are Off! Now we are officially on the road I thought it was about time to kick start the blog with […]

The Fear.

We have exactly 4 weeks until we jet off into the sunshine and I definitely have ‘The Fear’ setting in. I am having to constantly make mental lists about what we still need to get done before we leave. Have I booked everything I was supposed to? Do we have all the documents we need? […]

Image Of The Week

This week we are sharing a picture that still brings back fear! 😐 Normally for Image Of The Week we aim to share beautiful, flawlessly edited pictures. This week you’ll find that this picture is neither of those things. Why? Because I think any editing to this picture would take away the spontaneity of it all! This is […]


So I’ve just logged on to schedule some posts and what do I see flash up on my dashboard…five hundred new comments. Yes..500!! Now I only last logged in a couple of hours…where on earth have all of these came from? And then I check the comments…Spam-bots! Comments ranging from ‘I found a hermit crab […]

It’s A Sad, Sad World…

Whilst reading the travel section of an on-line newspaper yesterday I came across an article that made me feel, well…really sad! ‘UK Adults Have Only Visited 5% Of The Worlds Countries’ It went on to explain that 95 countries in this glorious world have only been visited by 1% of UK adults. ONE.   Now being […]

We Are Booked!

Finally the flights we have been waiting for have been released! 🙂 Today is the day that our plan kicks into motion. How do i feel about it all? Nervous, apprehensive, self doubting? Not a chance! I can barely contain my excitement!! It does now mean that the countdown can officially start. We are now […]