How To Be A Theme Park Superhero

Don’t be the Vacation Villain! Follow our Theme Park tips to be an instant real life Super Hero! It’s All About The Planning: – Avoid weekends. Locals often frequent the parks at weekends along with those on weekend breaks. Monday-Thursday are the least busy days to visit the parks with the exception of public holidays. […]

Kualoa Ranch – Welcome To Jurassic World

Powering up the driveway towards Kualoa’s entrance, I could hear those legendary words…..’Welcome To Jurassic Park’. I felt chills. Today, was going to be EPIC! Kualoa Ranch is a 4000 acre working cattle ranch, nature reserve and most importantly…a working film set. And here we were, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after our 1 hour bus ride […]

Viva Las Vegas: The Elopement

We recently  spent 5 nights in one of  our favourite US cities, Las Vegas. How did we make our visit even better…..throw in a wedding of course! Kris & I were able to organise the whole wedding within 2 weeks of the date, which I know for most brides would seem like an impossible task! Below I have […]

Image Of The Week

Ladies and Gentleman, it is finally time for the return of our Image Of The Week Series! This week we are sharing a photograph from ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ Disneyland. This beautiful image is the Matterhorn in all its glory. Fun Fact: The Matterhorn is actually not as tall as it first looks. The […]

21 Hints & Tips for Disneyland California

We recently spent 3 days at Disneyland in California. Check out our top hints and tips to make the most of your time 1- The 100% best tip I can give is to purchase your Disneyland tickets in advance. Ticket lines at the park can be time consuming and trust me, you’re going to spend […]

Universal Hollywood In A Day

1. Buy your tickets in advance! We opted for the Front Of Line tickets since we were only able to allocate 1 day out of our hectic Los Angeles schedule. When we arrived there were already queues starting to form for purchasing at the gate tickets. Another bonus, when buying from Universal in advance they […]

Image Of The Week

This week we are sharing a picture that still brings back fear! 😐 Normally for Image Of The Week we aim to share beautiful, flawlessly edited pictures. This week you’ll find that this picture is neither of those things. Why? Because I think any editing to this picture would take away the spontaneity of it all! This is […]