Underwater Life

On Sunday we announced that our YouTube page was up and running so we decided to share another video with you all today. This is an underwater video taken at the House Reef at Lux* Maldives. The camera we used was nothing fancy. Just a Fuji Finepix XP70 Ā (The model we had has since been […]

Our YouTube is Live!

That’s right…we have set up our YouTube and account and we are now live! We’ve been searching through our old files and found we had quite a few videos from various holidays. Why not share them on here! The quality on some of them is not quite 100% as these were only filmed using a […]

Image Of The Week

Hello! And welcome to our second instalment of Image Of The Week. This week we are sharing a picture from the Maldives (again!) We can’t help it…it’s just so photogenic! Next week we promise a different location šŸ™‚     Until next week…  

Destination Profile: Maldives

The Maldives may seem like a strange choice for our first destination profile as most people would perceiveĀ it as a high end blow your budget destination. And for at least half of the inhabited island you’d be right. Recently, the Maldivian Government has allowed locals to open up their homes as independent guest houses. You […]

Image Of The Week

Welcome to our first instalment of Image Of The Week. This is where we will post our favourite photographs from our journeys around the world. This week, the most beautiful sunset we have ever witnessed from our first night in the Maldives…     Be sure to check back Ā for our next Image Of The […]