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When I first started looking into this adventure I came across so many different travel blogs, from solo females to couples to adventurers. They fascinated and inspired me. There was only one problem…none of them were from the UK!

To me, if they had all been from the UK I wouldn’t have had a second thought about joining them, it was almost like having approval. I scoured the internet for weeks until I finally found a corner full of us! To save all you guys the same problems that I had, I’ve decided to compile a list of British Travel Bloggers (or those who have relocated from Europe to the UK but still travel overseas). I will try to update this list as and when I find fellow Brits overseas.

If any fellow travel bloggers would like to be featured then please email : Lauren (at) cravingsunshine (dot) com.

What better way to find out more than to let the bloggers speak for themselves

Lauren & Kris: Craving Sunshine
about us

Of course we will start with ourselves! We are two ex travel industry experts travelling the world in search of our perfect home. We recently got married and plan to share our stores and travel tips with you all.
Follow us on our blog Craving Sunshine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat: @crave_sunshine.


Sabina : Girl Vs GlobeSabina GvG

Hi I’m Sabina! I live in Glasgow at the moment, but I’ve also lived in London and Manchester. My travel style is quite unique in that I am a full-time blogger and travel a lot for work. How many countries I visit varies from month to month – sometimes it can be five, other times I’ll be at home working away in front of my laptop.
Follow Sabina’s travels on her blogs GirlVsGlobe & newly launched GirlsVsGlobe, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Sarah & Nikki : TheTwoScoops
About Us TheTwoScoops Nikki Canning and Sarah Gibbons
We’re two London-dwelling, adventure-loving twenty-something’s who adore gallivanting around the globe any chance we get. And we’d like you to do the same, no matter if you have two days or two months for your next adventure! By day, we’re journalists and marketing professionals, by night we’re planning our next trip or exploring London for the next ‘scoop’.
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Joanna: The World In My Pocket
I’m Joanna, a UK based blogger living on the sunny (sometimes) Jurassic Coast, in the beautiful old town of Poole. I am an adventurer, I love traveling and photography and I am a cat lover. When I travel I like to get to interact with the local people, get to know them and experience together a day of their lives.
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Anna: Travel With Penelope & Parker
penelope and parker
Accountant and project director by day, the rest of the time I am forever seeking another luxury and unique retreat with vitamin sea. Happy in luxury, happy when sailing, happy enjoying the outdoors, happiest with all of those and Mr P.  We really enjoy something a little different and love finding something that is ‘us’ whether in the UK or abroad.  I’m based in Southampton and enjoy making the most of the Solent for sailing, or the New Forest and Isle of Wight for biking and walking.  I’m having a love affair with Cornwall and Norfolk as well as enjoying exploring other areas of the UK too.  Amazing recent trips to Israel, Italy, Tenerife, Greece and Maine!
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Megan : Half This World Away (A fellow Scot!)
I created the travel blog Half This World Away which is all about travel as a lifestyle. I have been travelling since 2011 and have learned a lot along the way, my blog is a way of sharing stories, advice and tips from the road!
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Gemma : Two Scots Abroad (Another Scot! We really are getting around!)
An Austin Elopement - Corey Mendez Photography - Capitol Hill Street Art

Oh hello there! I’m Gemma, one half of Two Scots Abroad. The other half is my newly appointed husband, Craig. We’re from The Kingdom of Fife in Scotland but have been travelling around the Americas and Europe on career breaks for over one year. Due to this long term travel adventure, and our cheap Scottish disposition, our blog is mostly budget but what we lack in luxury we make up for in laughs, tips and pics that please. Highlights so far include hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru, cycling the ‘world’s most dangerous road’ in Bolivia, drinking rum in Cuba, getting engaged in Canada, hitched in Austin and new ink in Nicaragua!
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Kylie: Between England & Iowa
I’m Kylie, and I’m from Essex, UK.  For the past 10 years I have been a part time traveller, covering 37 countries (some multi times)!  It helps living just 15 minutes away from Stansted Airport as it means short breaks in random European cities are always on the cards!  I love extreme sports and I’m always on the look out for new experiences to be had around the globe! In summer 2016 I’m emigrating to America where I still plan to travel as much as I can and of course come back ‘home’ to England/Europe for visits!
To follow Kylie’s big move to the USA follow her blog Between England & Iowa, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest


Emily : Emily Luxton
Emily Luxton
Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a full time travel blogger from Weymouth, which is a small town on the south coast of England. My main travel style is Deep Travel, which means trying to travel more intelligently and slowly when possible. I focus a lot on food, culture, and finding hidden gems or “off the beaten path” – but I also focus on adventure, the outdoors, and occasional luxury experiences too.
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Anne: Travel The Globe 4 Less
I am from Yorkshire and am a 40 something travel blogger who focuses on helping others enjoy more luxurious travel for less money through the use of airline and hotel rewards and other money saving travel tips. I am definitely not a budget blogger – my days of backpacking are behind me – although I don’t mind a £6 a night hotel in Vietnam.
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Steph: Worldly Adventurer
I’m Steph, a former teacher from the UK, who writes about adventurous travel and meaningful volunteering using my slow and often bizarre journey through South America for inspiration. By writing about my adventures – and many mishaps – I make adventure more realistic and reachable. I also demystify volunteering so that you recognise what you can do, and why a stint of volunteering – rather than just travel – can be the best decision you ever make.
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Kelly & Sean: A Pair Of Passports

We are an engaged couple (one part American, one part English) with a passion for traveling and discovering our home city of London. We both work full time, but try to travel as much as possible on weekends, using up any free weekend and every drop of accrued holiday to see the world. We are hoping to prove to young professionals like us that it is possible to travel frequently while having a 9-5 job, and inspire them to do it as well!
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Carly: Girl Out Of Bounds

My name is Carly and I live in the Northwest of England near Blackpool. I typically travel solo and focus on exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Follow her adventures on her blog Girl Out Of Bounds, Facebook & Instagram.


Do you follow a British blogger that I’ve not mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below so i can add them to my list.

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  1. So lovely to see a collection of fellow Brits who slave behind the keys to make travel happen!
    Gemma recently posted…Three Weeks in Peru ItineraryMy Profile

    1. It’s a hard life but some of us have to do it Gemma! 🙂

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