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We have been lucky enough to be nominated twice for a Liebster Award. It’s not an actual award as such, more something between bloggers that helps to promote each others work. Some people aren’t so keen on this award but i think if you look at it as an opportunity to grow and share your blog then its a great tool!

Officially the synopsis is as follows:

it is an award only exist on the internet, where bloggers can nominate each other – somewhat like a chain letter. The award can be seen as a way of promoting and recognising fellow bloggers on the internet.
Our first nomination is by The Roam Pear which is a travel & lifestyle blog. Thank you!

Here are the answers to your questions:

1- What is your favourite city to roam around?
It has to be Edinburgh! It’s a city close to home but every time i go there I fall in love with it all over again! It is such a beautiful city.

2- What is your favourite hidden gem that you have discovered?
Yal-Ku Lagoon here in Playa Del Carmen. Our AirB&B host told us about it and it did not disappoint. Check out our post here.

3- Career wise, do you have a plan B?
Well I’m in my late 20’s, I’ve worked in travel my whole life and now I’m travelling the world. As long as I have travel in my life I don’t need a plan B!

4-How do you cope with homesickness when travelling?
I’m travelling with my best friend, my fiancé Kris. As long as I have him I don’t get homesick. Yes I do miss friends and family but with how connected the world is they are all only a whatsapp or Skype away!

5- Where did you last travel to?
We are currently in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Before here we were in San Diego & Anaheim.

6-Are you a morning person or a night person?
I am 100% not a morning person. I am the grumpiest person ever! Don’t even think about talking to me unless I’ve had a cup of tea!

7-What is the best restaurant or cafe you have eaten in this year?
Oooh, that’s a tough one! I’m going to say Romeo’s here in Playa Del Carmen. Quite possibly some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had! There is a huge Italian Expat community here in Playa and boy do they know how to cook!

8-What is your favourite travel movie?
I cant pick just one! Ok, erm….whenever I was sat at home with grey skies i would watch Mamma Mia! It’s such an uplifting film that gives me instant wanderlust!

9-Are you an expat or do you still live in the country you were born/raised?
I would consider myself a roaming expat. We haven’t found where we want to live yet but we don’t intend on returning to the UK.

10-Have you ever regretted travelling anywhere?
Oh god no! If you enjoy travelling you should never regret going anywhere!

11-What inspires you to blog?
Everything and anything! Being somewhere as beautiful as Mexico makes blogging easy. There are so many great stories to share!
Our second nomination is from Danik The Explorer Daniels blog focuses on travel & running. Thanks for the nomination!

1- What do you do to stay healthy when you travel?
Always make sure we stay as hydrated as possible! I fond being healthier much easier in tropical countries because the fruit and veg taste so much better! We spend a lot of time walking and snorkelling as well which helps!

2-How can you learn about a culture & meet locals without speaking their language?
Google translate! You really can get by with this app! Also lots of pointing at things helps.

3-What songs/types of music do you listen to whilst travelling or that which inspires you to travel?
Anything summery! Something that makes me want to dance or just has a summer vibe.

4-What is your favourite thing about travelling?
Eating new food! I am a complete foodie and love to try new and exotic foods. Especially if they are spicy!

5-Which country is your favourite
That is an impossible question to answer!

6-What’s the most overrated city?
I try not to believe the hype about places until I see them for myself so I don’t tend to feel disappointed.

7-Do you have any irrational fears that your travels have helped you overcome? How?
I have a list of irrational fears the length of my arm and sadly I don’t think I will ever overcome them I just try to live with them the best that I can.

8-if you had to give up your passport to get another countries passport, what would you pick?
I hold a British passport which is one of the best in the world….lets go with Germany…I think I read somewhere they can travel to one more country than a British passport.

9- Best meal you’ve eaten anywhere?
It has to be at STACK inside The Mirage in Las Vegas. Without a shadow of a doubt the best meal of my life! We had the most amazing steaks with all the sides you could imagine. Worth every single cent!

10-Most creative thing you’ve ever done to save money during your travels?
Sold stuff on eBay? I’m not the greatest at money saving!

11-What was the first trip you took as an adult?
It was to Turkey to work as a Holiday rep for Thomas Cook.
Now that’s over with it’s time for me to make some nominations!

Sam from : Her work with animals makes me insanely jealous!
Celina & Ssiala at : These girls will make you wanna pack your bags and head straight to the Philippines!
Anne-Sophie at : Her blog makes me hungry just looking at it!
Valery & James at : These guys are based in London making their way around Europe.
Jazmin & Stephen at : Looking for a great travel guide to read, these are your guys!

I’d like you to answer the following questions:

1- What is your must pack item?
2- How would you spend your perfect day?
3- Are you a beach or a city kinda person?
4- Favourite food in the world?
5- If money was no object where would you go and why?
6- What items are top 3 on your bucket list?
7- What is your biggest struggle when you travel?
8- Do you have a favourite travel app?
9- How many languages can you speak?
10- Where do you class as home?
11- If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

The rules are as follows:

1-Thank the person who nominated you and post a link of their blog
2-Copy and Paste the award onto your blog
3-Answer 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you as posted
4-Come up with 11 new questions Nominate 5 – 11 bloggers
5-Contact the bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated

I look forward to reading your answers!

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