Are you fed up of reading travel blogs telling you tourists aren’t real travellers? Looking for foodspiration from around the globe that doesn’t involve selling a kidney to afford the ingredients? Or simply looking to geek out over everything from real life movie locations to the latest gadgets? Then you have definitely come to the right place!

I’m Lauren a Scottish 20 something recently married girl who’s clumsily travelling around with her husband trying to find where she fits in this crazy world! I’m the voice behind our blog & social media channels. I love sunshine, Mexican food, Disney & Snorkelling.

My husband Kris is the guy behind the lens snapping & videoing every minute of our journey. He loves nothing more than geeking out at famous film sights such as Kualoa Ranch & jumping straight into any body of water than has fish swimming around.

With over 20 years hands on experience in the travel industry between the 2 of us I was pretty sure we were well equipped for this adventure – oh how much we’ve still to learn! From being the worlds worst budgeter to being terrified of every type of insect, heights, boats, germs…I could go on all day! On this blog I’m going to share all the information I’ve learnt over the years from where to find the cheapest flights to tackling jet leg. I most definitely will not be telling you how to pack lightly….my husbands convinced the only reason I travel with him is so I can utilise half of his suitcase!

If you’re looking for off the beaten track crapping-in-a-hole-in-the-ground stories then this is definitely not the blog for you. Our travel style is much more mainstream but this doesn’t mean it lacks adventure! I’m fed up reading bloggers who claim they’re not ‘tourists’ but travellers. What the hell’s the difference?! Your visiting an area outside of your hometown, you’re a tourist and a traveller!

Our travel style is slow. We would much rather place down some roots for a couple of months to really explore an area before moving on. Plus..how on earth can you discover all that amazing local food in just a couple of days? As much as I adore the luxury of hotels I do love having my own kitchen to cook up a storm with fantastic local ingredients.

I do believe that you should make every effort to see the local life of the country you’re visiting, but who says you can’t spend some of that time lazing on the beach with a cocktail in hand?

Now come on…let’s get our sunshine on!