What Long Term Travel Has Taught Me

With our time in New Zealand disappearing before us, I thought it was time to reflect on what I’ve learnt since leaving the UK 11 Months ago. 1-You don’t always need a plan to succeed.  When we decided to come on this adventure I had pretty much every single detail planned to a T! Upon arriving […]

Long Haul Hand Luggage Packing List

Those people who manage to travel with carry on only….I’m amazed! I am not and will never be one of those people. I like options too much!However, I do manage to cram a lot of what I call ‘essentials’ into my carry on to make flights as comfortable as possible. This is by no means […]

Which Path Is The Right Path?

This weeks post is a little different. I’m not sharing travel stories & tips…instead i need YOUR help. Read on to find out about my predicament. I don’t know who i am anymore. We have just over  4 months left on our Kiwi visas and currently have no flights booked to leave the country and […]

How To Be A Theme Park Superhero

Don’t be the Vacation Villain! Follow our Theme Park tips to be an instant real life Super Hero! It’s All About The Planning: – Avoid weekends. Locals often frequent the parks at weekends along with those on weekend breaks. Monday-Thursday are the least busy days to visit the parks with the exception of public holidays. […]

Kualoa Ranch – Welcome To Jurassic World

Powering up the driveway towards Kualoa’s entrance, I could hear those legendary words…..’Welcome To Jurassic Park’. I felt chills. Today, was going to be EPIC! Kualoa Ranch is a 4000 acre working cattle ranch, nature reserve and most importantly…a working film set. And here we were, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after our 1 hour bus ride […]

Top 30 Travel Movies

Pass the popcorn! Today I’m sharing my top travel movies that make me want to immediately pack my bags and get out into the world! Europe: Mamma Mia Musical | 2008 | Greek islands The Inbetweeners Comedy | 2011 | Malia, Crete, Greek Islands Chalet Girl Romantic Comedy | 2011 | Austria In Bruges Crime […]

How To Eat Cheap In Wellington

Time and time again the feedback on NZ is that the food is expensive. All I could afford was pasta. I never ate out because it was so expensive. I’m here to show you that eating cheaply is possible…let’s get stuck in! Fun Fact: Wellington has more cafes & restaurants per square metre than New […]

Viva Las Vegas: The Elopement

We recently  spent 5 nights in one of  our favourite US cities, Las Vegas. How did we make our visit even better…..throw in a wedding of course! Kris & I were able to organise the whole wedding within 2 weeks of the date, which I know for most brides would seem like an impossible task! Below I have […]

Bloggers of Britain

When I first started looking into this adventure I came across so many different travel blogs, from solo females to couples to adventurers. They fascinated and inspired me. There was only one problem…none of them were from the UK! To me, if they had all been from the UK I wouldn’t have had a second […]