WWOOFing in New Zealand

Sat in a freezing cold room in a hostel frantically searching the WWOOF NZ site for a glimmer of hope. Auckland was not the Kiwi paradise I had envisioned. I needed to get into the heart of the country & thought what better way than to WWOOF. No, i hadn’t decided to give up & […]

The Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask Your Travel Agent (But Didn’t Have The Balls To)

With over ten years in the travel industry, I thought it was about time I let you guys ask the questions. Was I feeling brave or stupid? Read on to find out…   Q- Ayngelina from Bacon Is Magic I’d love to ask what a travel agent’s advice is when you arrive at an all-inclusive […]

What Long Term Travel Has Taught Me

With our time in New Zealand disappearing before us, I thought it was time to reflect on what I’ve learnt since leaving the UK 11 Months ago. 1-You don’t always need a plan to succeed.  When we decided to come on this adventure I had pretty much every single detail planned to a T! Upon arriving […]

Long Haul Hand Luggage Packing List

Those people who manage to travel with carry on only….I’m amazed! I am not and will never be one of those people. I like options too much!However, I do manage to cram a lot of what I call ‘essentials’ into my carry on to make flights as comfortable as possible. This is by no means […]

Which Path Is The Right Path?

This weeks post is a little different. I’m not sharing travel stories & tips…instead i need YOUR help. Read on to find out about my predicament. I don’t know who i am anymore. We have just over  4 months left on our Kiwi visas and currently have no flights booked to leave the country and […]

How To Be A Theme Park Superhero

Don’t be the Vacation Villain! Follow our Theme Park tips to be an instant real life Super Hero! It’s All About The Planning: – Avoid weekends. Locals often frequent the parks at weekends along with those on weekend breaks. Monday-Thursday are the least busy days to visit the parks with the exception of public holidays. […]

Kualoa Ranch – Welcome To Jurassic World

Powering up the driveway towards Kualoa’s entrance, I could hear those legendary words…..’Welcome To Jurassic Park’. I felt chills. Today, was going to be EPIC! Kualoa Ranch is a 4000 acre working cattle ranch, nature reserve and most importantly…a working film set. And here we were, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after our 1 hour bus ride […]

Top 30 Travel Movies

Pass the popcorn! Today I’m sharing my top travel movies that make me want to immediately pack my bags and get out into the world! Europe: Mamma Mia Musical | 2008 | Greek islands The Inbetweeners Comedy | 2011 | Malia, Crete, Greek Islands Chalet Girl Romantic Comedy | 2011 | Austria In Bruges Crime […]

How To Eat Cheap In Wellington

Time and time again the feedback on NZ is that the food is expensive. All I could afford was pasta. I never ate out because it was so expensive. I’m here to show you that eating cheaply is possible…let’s get stuck in! Fun Fact: Wellington has more cafes & restaurants per square metre than New […]